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Mikage Nursery school

Appearance · · · The building's volume is divided and scaled down. The shape is a series of gable houses.

Entrance pouch ... When entering a small gable building you will see a big space on the left.


Corridor ... Each childcare room has a window of children's height facing the corridor. I thought that it would look like a house window.

Courtyard ... ... Pass light and wind through the building.

There is a bridge hung on the courtyard.

Lunch room · · · Square stools can also be set as a stage.

Nursery room

Rooftop garden ... It is a calm rooftop like inside as it is the exterior of the roof.

Wash basin and lavatory

Facade night view


Children who have entered will spend most of their daily lives at nursery school. Nursery school which children spend for a long time is not an unusual space but a space of everyday living. For that reason, I considered the nursery school as a "house like" architecture and designed it.

We divide the building volume into six so that children can feel familiar. The entrance building seen from the approach is in the form of a "house" in a flat shop. Beyond that you can see several "roof" houses.
In the center of the building there is a courtyard which is completed surrounded by house type building and brings brightness to each room through the courtyard.



· Location: Kobe City
· Use: Nursery school
· Design, supervision period: April 2013 - March 2014
· Scale, structure:
① Total area: 804.94 m²
② Reinforced concrete construction 3 stories

photo:Stirling Elmendorf